Učte se anglicky zdarma s filmovými hvězdami: John Malkovich vypráví vtipnou historku


Mluvené angličtině jakžtakž rozumíte, ale stejně občas nevíte, čemu se ostatní smějí? Některé obraty vám prostě unikají… Právě nad těmi komplikovanými se spolu zastavíme. Pusťte si video a procvičte si porozumění angličtině s Johnem Malkovichem!

Is it a true story or just made up?

On BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show, the famous American actor John Malkovich tells a story about how he finds a woman in his garden. Malkovich does his best to make us believe that it’s a true story from his life, but the story is such a perfectly structured anecdote that it’s hard to accept. What do you think? Is it true or made up?

What makes it an anecdote?

John Malkovich finds a woman in his garden. He calls her ‘a very big woman’ – basically a polite way of saying that she was fat. He later emphasises her size, describing her as a “Michelin woman”.

The woman offers to be Malkovich’s assistant but he gently refuses, saying he doesn’t think it’s a good idea (this makes the audience laugh).

He then gradually comes to the punchline:

  1. She has written a screenplay called “She Kills”.
  2. The title looks like it’s been written (scratched in) with a bloody nail.
  3. The screenplay is about an out-of-work woman who kills a well-known actor (possibly John Malkovich).

Watch the video John Malkovich on finding a woman in his garden. Go through the activities in the lesson to improve your listening comprehension.


true story – a story that really happened

made-up story – fiction, a story that didn’t actually happen

make us believe – convinces us something is true

perfectly – with absolutely no mistakes

structured – built, constructed

anecdote – a short, amusing story about a real incident or person

resume – restart, begin again

very big/fat – a person that is heavier than normal, corpulent, overweight, obese

politely – behaving well towards others, courteously

emphasises – gives special importance or value to something or someone, highlights

Michelin – a French tyre manufacturer famed for its mascot the “Michelin Man”

refuses – declines to accept something, e.g. an offer or a request

gently – kindly

gradually – developing slowly, step by step

punchline – the final phrase or sentence of a joke or story that prompts laughter

possibly – maybe, perhaps

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