Kate’s diary – part 9 (phrases with give)

Dear Diary,This morning, I found Brad in the kitchen looking sad and depressed. I asked him why and he said that his girlfriend wanted to leave him. She even gave back the ring he bought for her. This means it must be serious because it cost him a lot of money!

She told him that he is too selfish and that he doesn’t understand that relationships are about ‘give and
take’. He said that she’s unhappy with him because he went dancing last weekend without her. I don’t think that’s the only reason! I hope she will give him another chance. Brad isn’t so bad and I don’t like seeing him looking so depressed. I told him not to give away the ring just yet!


In the afternoon I went for a walk. I walked past a man giving out leaflets for a language school so I took one and gave it a look. The school offers Czech lessons for foreigners so I think I’ll give it a go. The class sizes are small and they say that the teachers are experienced. I had Czech lessons before but I gave them up because I found it too difficult. This time I’m going to try harder and hopefully Hana can help me again!


to give back sth – vrátit (něco)
give and take – něco za něco/kompromis
to give somebody a chance – dát (někomu) šanci
to give away sth – rozdat/darovat/zbavit se (něčeho)
to give out sth – rozdávat
to give sth a look – podívat se na
to give sth a go – zkusit
to give sth up – vzdát (něco)/přestat s

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