Kate’s diary – part 4 (phrases with HAVE)

Dear Diary,I have great news! Last weekend, a friend of Brad’s had
a party and even though I had a cold I decided to go. I was standing in
the kitchen talking to Jenny about work and what to do for the rest of
the weekend, when I saw a tall blond man wearing a fashionable brown
shirt come in.

He looked like he was trying to find someone or something, so I didn’t really want to talk to him, but later we were standing next to each other and talking and he asked if I had time to meet him for dinner during the week. I was having a great time talking to him about Bristol, my family and Prague, so I said yes and now we have plans to go out on Wednesday.

I hope we go somewhere nice. I was in a very good restaurant last week, but I can’t remember the name. His name is Rolf and he’s from Nuremberg and lives in Prague because of his job. He is 26, has lovely blue eyes and a really nice smile. He also has a good sense of humour and is really funny. I’m very happy about meeting him on Wednesday!


to have news – mít novinku
to have a party – pořádat oslavu
to have a cold – být nachlazen
to have time – mít čas

to have a great time – mít se skvěle/užít si to
to have plans – plánovat
to have a good sense of humour – mít smysl pro humor

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