Kate’s diary – part 7 (phrases with come)

Dear Diary,It’s my lucky day today! At first I had a funny but nice
dream… I was back at university standing in the lecture hall and
presenting a project about modern architecture in Canada. I felt it
was an excellent presentation. The audience seemed to be excited and
interested, no stupid questions came up. The professor was smiling at

The lecture came off as planned – or even better! When I finished, the director came up to me with a bunch of sunflowers and said: ‘Make all your dreams come true.’ Suddenly I heard somebody shouting but I couldn’t understand a word! At that moment I woke up.

And there really was somebody shouting – it was Jenny and she was saying ‘Come on! Hurry up! Time to work!’ Later on when I was going to work I came across a hundred-crown note in the street! Great! And then at work I was given a pay rise by the director! Excellent! And on the way home I came across my old English roommate in town. We went for a drink and chatted for almost two hours and in the end she invited me to come over to England for Christmas! Things are coming along fine!!!


to come up – objevit se
to come off – vydařit se/dopadnout
to come up to sb – přistoupit/přiblížit se k
to come true – splnit se
Come on! – Honem!
to come across sth/sb – náhodou narazit na
to come over – zajít/zajet/zastavit se u
to come along fine – vyvíjet se dobře

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