Kate’s diary – part 1 (phrases with GET)

Dear Diary,My first week living in Prague has been interesting! I got up really late this morning because of our new flat-mate, Brad. He made so much noise in the night because he got home very late and tried to make an omelette in the kitchen. 

He was obviously drunk, as he couldn’t remember where the fridge was. The noise really got on my nerves, so after a while I had to get out of bed and tell him to be quiet. Jenny (my other flat-mate) was
pretty angry too. Brad said sorry in the morning though and promised to make up for it by getting some pizzas in tonight. I hope he remembers!

In the afternoon, I went ice-skating with my new Czech friend Hana, who I got to know as we live in the same building. I don’t skate very well, but Hana is really good and she tried to teach me some moves. She even tried to teach me how to skate backwards! She speaks good English and she’s
trying hard to teach me Czech. It’s a very difficult language and I make a lot of mistakes. We get on well with each other so we are planning a trip to the mountains soon. Hopefully she’ll get the chance to teach me how to ski as well!


to get up – vstát
to get home – dostat se domů
to get on sb’s nerves – jít (někomu) na nervy
to get out of bed – vstát z postele
to get sth in – přinést (něco)
to get to know sb – seznámit se
s (někým)/poznat (někoho)
to get on well with sb – vycházet s/
rozumět si s
to get the chance to – mít možnost

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