Kate´s diary – part 10 (phrases with go)

Dear Diary,
I can’t believe I’ve been in Prague nearly a year! Last year this time I
was working in Bristol and to be honest, I was really bored. I’m so
happy I decided to change things and go on this year abroad. And Prague
was a great choice! So much has happened in this time – going round the
Czech Republic with Hana has been great. 

So was going out with Rolf
before it all went wrong, I guess. Now I need to decide what to do next. Should I go back to England or stay in Prague another year? I went out to the pub with Hana yesterday and she said that if the language school will extend my contract I should go for it, but I don’t know. Sometimes I really miss my family and friends back in England, and it’s getting a little difficult for me to go without all the English things I really like that you can’t get here, like crumpets and good tea. It’s a really big decision and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Part of me really wants to go home, but I sure would miss living here too. Oh, why can’t life ever just be simple?


to go on – pokračovat
to go round – cestovat po
to go out with sb – chodit s (někým)
to go wrong – zkazit se/zvrtnout se/dopadnout špatně
to go back – vrátit se
to go out – vyjet si, vyrazit si
to go for sth – vzít/vybrat si (něco)
to go without sth – obejít se bez (něčeho)

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